Department for Health and Environment, Munich

New administrative center for the Department for Health and Environment of the City of Munich in conjunction with a child daycare facility and a hostel building for homeless men on Dachauer street

Restricted Competition, 2013

Landscape Architect: Planorama, Berlin
Model: Rico Hecht, Berlin

Team: Matthias Hänsch (PM), Laura Casado Albo, Simon Stahnke, Sebastian Nordmeyer

The new building closes the North side of Josef-Ruederer-Square and provides for an entrance space in front of the building. Its comb-like structure is composed of four tracts which vary in height. They are set at slight angles in order to increase the impact of enclosure with regard to the square. Height and orientation of the building correspond to those of the adjacent streets. The central 10-storey tract marks the significant bend in Dachauer street and the main entrance to the building. It corresponds to other high buildings in the area. Munich`s landmark Frauenkirche remains visible from Dachauer street.

On the garden side, courtyards open towards the green interior of the block, providing ample daylight and views for the offices located there.