Double Twin Plaza Changxing

Flexible office space, conference, business, parking in the new CBD of the City of Changxing, Zhejiang Province, China
Project Size: 100,000 sqm

Invited Competition 2010, 1st rank
realization 2011-2015

Client: Administrative Committee of Changxing Economic Development Zone
Commissioned: schematic design, design development, key details
Planning Partner: CHDEX, Hangzhou

Team: Jan Trutz, Dania Marzo

The project occupies a major street crossing, a strategic location along the main axis of development in the urban expansion area to the north of the city center.

Four 100-meter-high office towers mark a twin plaza, which extends between the main road and a river. Pairs of office towers are connected by three-storey, L-shaped bases which accommodate retail, services and conference space. The entrances to the towers are marked by full-height entrance halls on the heads of the bases.

The highrise buildings are designed as conventional reinforced concrete structures with stiffening cores. The facades are clad with colored anodized aluminum panels; each tower is assigned an individual color.