Extention Josef Albers Museum Bottrop

Josef Albers Museums Quadrat Bottrop extention

exhibition spaces, art storage and workshops

realization competition 2016
client: Stadt Bottrop

Light planning: Lichtvision Design, Berlin
HVAC: IG Hetzel, Stuttgart

Team: Tal Jagoda (PM), Sebastian Nordmeyer, Simon Stahnke

The extension responds to the interior and exterior spatial qualities of the existing building and develops them further in the sense of an ensemble. The serially arranged group of four Küppers' pavilions is supplemented by a cluster of four further cubes, which is subject to a more compositional order. The landscape space around the pond is spatially further defined and brought from its peripheral position into the center of the ensemble.

The exhibition rooms offer a varied tour: the halls vary in size and proportion and are clustered into two groups of rooms. Targeted views of the landscape provide an opportunity to pause and structure the exhibition visit. Skylight sheds ensure an optimal supply of daylight, allowing the source of light and the influence of weather and time of day to be experienced. With its "concrete" materialization, designed for haptics and physical presence, the extension sets new accents compared to Küppers' "abstract" conception.