Federal Ministry and apartments on the Postblockareal Süd in Berlin

New construction of a ministry and a residential building for civil servants' apartments in collaboration with Peter Zirkel Architekten

Non-open two-phase realization competition 2023
Awarding authority: Federal Office for Real Estate (BImA)
Team: Armin Behles(BJ&), Richard Drechsler(PZ), Jasper Jochimsen(BJ&), Anatol Rettberg(BJ&), Josefin Seifert (PZ), Simon Stahnke(BJ&), Peter Zirkel (PZ)

The Postblock Süd presents itself as a whole made up of related but differentiated parts. A building block aligned at right angles to Wilhelmstrasse divides the building mass into a northern and a southern half. While the two lower wings of the ring development on Wilhelmstrasse follow the respective alignments of the adjacent buildings, the central, higher structure is set back. This gives the ministry an attractive forecourt and a clear address.
The residential use is naturally integrated into the block in the sense of urban coexistence, without this being at the expense of the Ministry's claim to representation. The south-west-facing apartments are arranged back-to-back with the ministry offices on Wilhelmstrasse and along Zimmerstrasse in the form of a shell development and are structurally separated.