Memorial at the former Wholesale Market Hall, Frankfurt

Open Design Competition 2009
Client: City of Frankfurt / Main
Project selected to be continued in the 2nd phase

Technical advisor: R. Kochan, Brillux Berlin

Collaborator: Dania Marzo

The trains by which the Frankfurt Jews were deported were lead from the Market Hall - now the headquarters of the European Central Bank - through the Mayfahrt Street arch of the railway viaduct. The course was set in the signal box at the entrance of the arch. As a place of remembrance the arch is coated in bright yellow and illuminated day and night. Walking through the space under the viaduct, one makes a physical experience of alienation, of being exposed.

The road marking paint used in the project increases the glaring, blinding effect of the color by means of its reflectivity: It almost hurts to look at it. Should there be any damage or graffiti, the coating is not cleaned, but a further coat of paint is applied, thus making visible the scars inflicted over time.