Science and Technology Park in
Changzhou, Jiangsu, China 2010

Client: Hundsun Technologies Inc., Hangzhou
Commission: Urban planning study and development of building typologies for 320.000 m2 office and research

Landscape architects: Planorama, Berlin

Team: Sebastian Nordmeyer, Matthias Wünsche

In an estate which is divided in two by a large avenue, more than 320.000 m2 of innovative office and research spaces were to be developed.

Dense Clusters of 4 to 8 houses of various sizes are linked by a simple and efficient road network. The individual houses can be reached via elevated courtyards under which they share common infrastructure and parking garages with direct access to staircases and elevators.

The landscape between these clusters offers a variety of attractive perspectives and is characterised by lagoons. Both halfs of the lot are linked by two urban plazas with a central canal. They are surrounded by higher houses with shops and restaurants on the ground floor.