Daycare Griechische Allee

Invited Competition 2003, 1st rank
Realiziation 2003-2006
Commission: HOAI §15, LP 2-9

Client: Bezirksamt Treptow-Köpenick

Site supervision: Beusterien+Eschwe, Berlin
Landscape architect: Topotek 1, Berlin
Statics: Eisenloffel + Sattler, Berlin
Artist: Ekrem Yalcindag, Frankfurt/M.
Photographer: Marcus Bredt, Berlin

Team: Alexander Kuhnert (PM), Mattias Svensson (PM), Susanne Glöckner, Tassilo Lochocki, Sebastian Nordmeyer, Jana Schmidtzberg, Elli Sparmann

The main building of the 50s complex is preserved. Two seamlessly attached new buildings replace the former single-storey side wings.

A long wall seperates the garden from the public space. It is literally built arround the old trees. The entrance building turns its head towards Griechischer Park. Via a small public square with a pink pattern, one enters the entrance hall which is illuminated by skylight dormers.

All group rooms are facing south. Blackboard paint in the hallways invites children to take possession of their house. From the first floor the garden is reached via a ramp which also serves as an escape route. Strolling down the ramp kids pass by a variety of playing devices. Ramp and perimeter wall are made of sandblasted concrete. The building is painted in a matching grey tone.