Kirbachschool Hohenhaslach

Expansion and renovation of a primary and secondary school and the Kirbachalle in Hohenhaslach

non-open implementation competition 2023-24

Client: Municipality of Sachsenheim
Team: Armin Behles, Giulia Cappello, Laura Herndl, Jasper Jochimsen, Iva Kocheva-Leisse, Fabian Scholtz (PM), Simon Stahnke
Landscape architects: Henningsen, Berlin
Model: Maquette, Berlin

The existing buildings of the Kirbachbachtalschule and the Kirbachtalhalle will be renovated and carefully upgraded. An independent new building is being built to the southeast of the existing school building comprising elementary school, all-day area, cafeteria and music room. Together with the existing buildings, the new house gives the schoolyard in front of it a spatial framing. With its sculptural volumetry and the split-level principle derived from the topography, the new house takes up central motifs from the old building and takes them further. At its core is a central, extra-high staircase hall, which is illuminated via side skylights. A light, communicative and flexible new school building is being created.