Redevelopement of the new town hall building of Braunschweig

Redevelopement of the new town hall building in Braunschweig
Non-open two-phase realization competition 2021
Client: City of Braunschweig
Team: Jasper Jochimsen, Maria Savignano, Bela Schwier, Simon Stahnke
Building services engineering, energy concept: Rentschler Riedesser
Electrical planning: ibb Burrer&Deuring
Structural planning: EiSat Berlin
Visualization: Vizoom, Berlin

15 theses for a contemporary development of the building:

1. emphasize the entrance with a triaxial incision
2. create a spacious entrance hall by removing a split-level area
3. public floor instead of archive by removing a mezzanine floor above the 1st floor
4. level connection to the main floor of the old building by adding a small ramp
5. public roof terrace on the main floor with a good view of the town hall and castle
6. flexible and communicative office space through the creation of 400m2 units and maximum flexibility in the interior fit-out
7. increasing the spatial depth on the floors by creating a façade in front of the structural level
8. two-storey loggias with lush greenery for employees at the access cores
9. arroundation off the building structure to reduce the envelope area
10. emblematic tower for the new building by adding a pergola
11. a differentiated, high-quality materialized façade seeks greater proximity to the old town hall building in terms of structure and materialization
12. reasonable proportion of windows with optimal sun protection through lintel-free windows and drop-arm awnings
13. production for a fast construction process through elemental façade elements
14. inclusive building thanks to complete accessibility and abandonment of the split-level area at the main entrance
15. sustainable town hall by using the existing building as gray energy and planning as a low-energy building