Schmucker Areal Utting

84 unit housing development near the Ammersee/Bavaria
Restricted competition 2017
3rd prize (no 2nd prize awarded)

client: municipality Utting at Ammersee

Landscape architecture: Annabau, Berlin
structural engineer / timber construction: Pirmin Jung, Remagen
Model: Maquette, Berlin

Team: Dominik Müller (PM), Viola Frick, Sebastian Nordmeyer

The new residential quarter on the Schmucker site offers a sequence of striking public spaces along the footpath and cycle path that invite people to meet. The residential buildings create space through the shifting of the two halves of the house and fit in with the scale, roof shape and materiality of the townscape. A raised ground floor, which results from the half-storey offset between the two halves of the house, creates privacy for the most exposed flats. Due to their modern timber construction, the houses are as economical as they are sustainable. The result is a lively and liveable new quarter for Utting.