Studios and Art Workshops for Giebichenstein Castle University of Art and Design Halle

realization competition in two phases for the construction of Studios and Art Workshops at Giebichenstein Castle University of Art and Design Halle
client: University of Art and Design Halle
Landscape Architect: Landschaftsarchitekten Ehrig & Partner, Bielefeld
Vizualisation: David Willner Visualisierung, Potsdam
Team: Fabian Scholtz, Sina Wendl, Maria Savignano, Bela Schwier

The new studio building is both an autonomous figure and an integral part of the city. It is developed on the site boundary along Seebener Straße, which is thus clearly defined spatially. The building is divided into four studio blocks, which are separated from each other by street-side recesses. The western studio block with the university gallery on the ground floor stands in the alignment of the street starting from the entrance to the castle. The adjacent main entrance with a small forecourt faces the green square opposite. Coming from the castle, there is a view of the church tower of St. Bartholomew above the cut above the main entrance. The gallery in the western studio block and the workshops on the ground floor offer views from the street and arouse curiosity about the building's interior. On the south side, the refectory and workshops open up on a wide front to the garden.