Town hall extension Droste-Hülshoff-Square Bottrop

Town hall extension Droste-Hülshoff-Square Bottrop
Non-open single-phase realization competition 2022
Client: City of Bottrop
Team: Armin Behles, Jasper Jochimsen, Lea Karich, Anatol Rettberg, Simon Stahnke
Building physics, MüllerBBM
Building services engineering: Rentschler Riedesser
Kitchen planning: Tarkovsky&Kirmeier
Structural planning: EiSat Berlin
Visualization: Georg Hana, Berlin

The extension to the town hall is both an autonomous structure and an integrated urban building block. Together with the new archive building, it generates a striking new urban space. In terms of structure, façade and materiality, the new buildings seek references to the existing listed buildings. At the same time, they can be read as independent, decidedly contemporary buildings. Generous entrance situations, a public passerelle, communicative zones and green garden courtyards offer an inviting ambience for employees and visitors to the town hall extension. The simple construction with a prefabricated, load-bearing façade promises rapid construction. In terms of energy efficiency, the building is state of the art.