Two Day Care Centers in Paderborn

Restricted competition 2017
Client: Stadt Paderborn
Team: Armin Behles, Jasper Jochimsen, Leonard Kaupp, Maria Marques de Castro, Dominik Müller, Sebastian Nordmeyer, Bela Schwier, Simon Stahnke

The new day-care center on Fontanestrasse looks like a pavilion in the city park. The round structure emphasizes autonomy. The skylight ring of the multi-purpose room in the middle of the building makes the house more visible from a distance.

The house is structured in concentric rings. The entrance is in line with the footpath coming from the north and is emphasized by a recess. The foyer leads to the multipurpose room; Children's education center, dining room and management office are on the side. Every two group clusters share a cloakroom, from which you can access the garden via a vestibule.

On Bohlenweg, the structure responds to the position and shape of the construction window with an elegant curve. Thus a large garden comes into being to which the group rooms open.

With reference to the rural surroundings, the house will have a sloping roof. In the middle of the building, this goes up and thus strengthens the urban presence. By splitting the roof along the ridge, the corridor zone below is illuminated from above.

The central location of the main entrance ensures that the paths inside are short. It is emphasized by curved walls and protected from the weather by an undercut. A transparent wall allows for views from the foyer through the central multi-purpose room into the green. The dining room with parent café is near the entrance. Here, too, the children from two groups can go straight into the garden via a common cloakroom.

In view of the construction times and for reasons of sustainability, we propose building both day-care centers in timber.