Vocational school Campus Moers

3 vocational schools, central faclities (5 sports halls, library, canteen), 680 parking spaces

Restricted competition 2015, Purchase
Client: District of Wesel, North Rhine-Westphalia

Civil Engineer: EiSat, Berlin
Fire Prevention: Peter Stanek, Berlin

Collaborators: Matthias Hänsch (PM), Yana Kyuchukova, Lars Findeklee, Simon Stahnke, Sebastian Nordmeyer, Bela Schwier

An arcade-lined square is the communicative center of the campus. It is framed by three vocational colleges and a building accommodating the central facilities. Set in a rather heterogeneous environment on the outskirts of Moers, an identifiable and memorable site is created.

The vocational colleges are designed as individual three-story buildings around central courtyard; orientation is simple and distances are short. A four-storey building contains the community institutions and the five sports halls. For the accommodation of a large part of the parking spaces a multistorey car-park is proposed.

All buildings are conceived with brick facades and wood/aluminum windows.