Divide and Connect

Housing alongside the former Berlin Wall section on Bernauer Straße between Brunnenstraße and Schwedter Straße, Berlin-Mitte
Urban planning expertise, 2007, 2. Rank

Client: Senate Department for Urban Development in cooperation with Senate Culture Administration and Berlin-Mitte District Planning authority

Team: Sophie Büchner, Alexander Kuhnert, Mattias Svensson

The new, linear development on Bernauer Strasse allows for the Berlin Wall site to be experienced as a historic break. It links the adjacent quarters through two concise urban spaces: whereas Brunnenstrasse is conceived as a metropolitan street, the open space around the former guards road becomes a connecting element between the adjacent parks and lively meeting point for the local neighborhood.

By means of adding three floors above the regular eaveline, which relate in height to the 1970s housing development in the quarter north of the site, the presence of the new buildings in the urban space is enhanced and the position of the Berlin Wall marked when seen from a greater distance, even on the scale of the Skyline.