Biomedical Center Martinsried

Biomedical Center of
Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich Campus Martinsried-Großhadern

Restricted competition 2007
Client: State Building Authority Munich 2

HCAV: Buro Happold, Berlin
Laboratory consultant: LCI, Lueneburg
Structural engineer: EiSat GmbH, Berlin
Facade consultant: Rache Eng., Aachen
Model: Rico Hecht, Potsdam

Team: Alex Kuhnert (PM), Susanne Glöckner, Jan Schlecht, Bela Schwier, Tamara Kinkladze, Mattias Svensson

The new BMC building is ambivalently readable between familiarity and strangeness, distinctness and abstraction. It appears on one hand as a big house with a roof and chimneys which is positioned in the context of the surrounding cityscape. On the other hand, it can for reasons of scale and materialization be seen as an object building which embodies the autonomous, hardly locally confined world of high-tech-research.

The spacious entrance hall and the central atrium are communicative meeting points. The conception as highly efficient three-layered plan with laboratories on the outside and offices organized around the two interior courtyards allows for a maximum of flexibility.