Charkovstrasse Nuremberg

Low energy housing (100 flats, one third subsidised) at Platz der Deutschen Einheit in Nuremberg

Invited competition 2022
Client: SW Nürnberg
Landscape architects: Freiraumplanung Mrachacz, Nürnberg
Visualization: Georg Hana, Berlin
Team: Armin Behles, Jasper Jochimsen, Sebastian Nordmeyer, Anatol Rettberg, Maria Savigano, Bela Schwier

In the Röthenbach building area, a final building plot is to be developed. Boundaries and building dimensions are defined by the development plan. We propose to divide the building volume into two independent houses. This breaks down the scale and increases the permeability of the neighbourhood. Gables, which are derived from the logic of the pitched roofs prescribed by the development plan, mark the prominent corners. The flats are all oriented towards the park.

Both houses are accessed via two staircases with lifts. The northern house is organised as an efficient with four-or-five flats per storey and staircase. In contrast, the upper floors of the southern house are accessed via two arcades, from which maisonettes lead upwards and downwards respectively. The flats on the ground floor have their own entrances. The tenant storage rooms are located on the second roof level.

House South is designed as a reinforced concrete building with a regular system of walls and ceilings. The building grid of 5.10 m also fits the underground car park below. The façades are designed as storey-high, multi-axis wide prefabricated timber frame elements. House North is planned as a conventional masonry building with Proton-bricks.

The façade of House South is divided into three areas: the two-storey plinth, the arcades/loggias and the roof. The wooden façade cladding will have a trellis for greenery. House North has a rendered façade in which the openings and dormers are grouped in such a way that four equal parts are created on the longitudinal façades. A trellis is also planned here.