ClassicLoft XS

Refurbishment of an apartment in the listed „House of the Child“ by Hermann Henselmann (1953)
Strausberger Platz 19, 10243 Berlin

Realization: 2006
Client: private
Commission: HOAI §15, LP 1-8

Statics: Griehl & Sambill, Mahlow
Contractor: Andreas Adam, Berlin
Joinery: Zweibaum, Berlin
Photographer: Marcus Bredt, Berlin

Collaborators: Jana Gallitschke, Alexander Kuhnert

Within only 50 sqm a contemporary vision of life merges with the aura of a historical place; the generosity of a loft meets the spacial qualities of a classic enfilade.

A long cabinet connects three separate rooms into one big space but also enables their temporary closure. The inside opens up through flaps, doors and pullouts. The cabinet offers a maximum of storage space and integrates bath and kitchen as well as light and media. Literally every cubic centimetre is used.

The hyper-determination of the newly inserted object is in strong contrast with the neutrality of the rooms. Consequently, it is given a striking optical presence: the exterior is lacquered in glossy pink. On the inside, matt dark red is used.