Deggendorf University

Extension of the University of Applied Sciences, Deggendorf / Bavaria

Restricted competition, 2009
Client: State Building Authority Passau

Landscape architects: Levin Monsigny, Berlin
Structural engineers: Eisenloffel.Sattler + Partner, Berlin
Fire safety: Peter Stanek, Berlin
Model: Rico Hecht, Berlin

Team: Sebastian Wolf (PM), Philip Heckhausen, Nils Rostek, Jan Trutz, Susanne Glöckner, Bela Schwier

On a connecting base, three new buildings rise above the dike. They form two courtyards, a peaceful garden court and one with a view of the Danube river.

The three houses are structured in the same way: layers of space of variable depth are located around a hall lit by skylights. The eastern building contains lecture halls, offices and computer rooms. The building at the center has laboratories in the basement, management, services and a cafeteria on the plaza level and offices upstairs. The western building houses laboratories.

The wood composite construction of the buildings can be experienced from the outside as recessed wooden facades behind concrete colonnades.