Deutscher Bundestag Administration

New building for the Bundestag administration on the corner of Dorotheenstrasse and Schadowstrasse in Berlin-Mitte
Restricted competition 2014

Team: Laura Casado Albo, Armin Behles, Matthias Häntzsch, Jasper Jochimsen, Dilek Koç
Cost planning: IB Schmid, Munich
Fire protection planning: Peter Stanek, Berlin

The building structure takes up a variety of references. It consists of a rectangular, five-storey block whose width is derived from the depth of the Schadowhaus, so that its entire firewall is concealed and a clearly cut courtyard space is created.

A four-storey wing on Dorotheenstrasse creates a level connection to the old building already in use at Dorotheenstrasse 93. The street façades are structured by recesses in order to bring them closer to the neighbours, especially the Schadow-Haus, in terms of scale.
The courtyard side of the building forms a seven-storey "head", which is fronted by a small forecourt with the main entrance. The uppermost office storey remains just below the high-rise boundary; above it is another technical storey.
The canteen opens up to both courtyards and can be generously seated outside. The wing adjacent to the main development can be separated off as a cafeteria; the assembly area can also be used flexibly for other purposes.
The façade consists of coloured prefabricated concrete elements. The parapets are clad with ornamentally embossed sheeting made of architectural bronze. The wooden windows also have a shell of architectural bronze.