FSB door handle

Door handle series FSB 1097/3797
Design 2003
Production since 2005

Client: FSB Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH

Collaborator: Mattias Svensson


Having decided that we weren't interested in an additive connection of grip section and shank, our studies in the conceptual phase could soon be divided into two approaches:

On one hand the “bent types”, where the grip section is bent around the corner to form the shank, and on the other hand the “organically transformed ones”, where the grip "grows" out of the shank. We combined both approaches.

Drawing on a formal combination of the elements of line and circle and taking into account the manufacturers standard components for backplates and roses, a form was generated that is percieved as new and familiar at the same time. We regard this as adequate for an every-day product.