FU Institute Building Boltzmannstraße 3

Phased refurbishment of a listed building
Client: Freie Universität Berlin
Commission: HOAI §33, LP 1-9
2017-2021 2013-2014; 2009-2010
Photos: Adrian Schulz, Berlin

Team: Bela Schwier (PM 09-10, 20-21), Dominik Müller (PM 18-20), Matthias Hänsch (PM 13-14)

Refurbishment of the former Emperor-Wilhelm-Institute of Biology (Architect Ernst von Ihne, 1913) in several iterations while the building is in full operation. In close cooperation with heritage protection, as much original substance as possible is retained. Changes that have occured over the years are removed as the building is brought back to its original structure. A new layer is added in order to develop the building into a up-to-date University building.