House of Commerce Nuremberg

Complete refurbishment and extension of the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Hauptmarkt 25/27
90403 Nuremberg

Restricted competition 2012, 1st prize
Planning and implementation: 2013-2020
Commission: HOAI §33, LP 1-9

Client: Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Project management: GCA, Nuremberg
Partner LP 6-9: ganzWerk, Nuremberg
Structural engineering: LAP, Nuremberg
HVAC: Rentschler Riedesser, Filderstadt
ELT: Raible + Partner, Dietzingen
Building physics: Müller BBM, Munich
Photos, Marcus Bredt, Berlin

Team: Bela Schwier (PL), Simon Stahnke (PL), Iva Kocheva, Jenny Dittrich, Matthias Häntsch, Laura Casado Albo

The city block in a prominent location is transformed into a contemporary representative for the local economy.
All listed individual houses are retained. Through the removal of the other buildings, it is possible to create coherent and flexible spaces on the inside in order to improve efficiency and clarity and eliminate existing differences in floor level.

The new part of the building respects parameters characteristic for the historic city such as punched window facade and pitched roof. Only at second glance it is recognized as a decidedly contemporary construction .

The yard which was previously used as a parking lot is transformed into an atrium that acts as a counter area for customers and offers space for events.