Development Bank of the State of Brandenburg

Restricted Competition, 2012
Client: Development Bank of the State of Brandenburg

Landscape Architect: Levin Monsigny, Berlin
Structural Engineer: EiSat GmbH, Berlin
HVAC and Plumbing: Rentschler und Riedesser Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Filderstadt/Berlin
Fire Protection Consultant: Peter Stanek, Berlin
Model: Carl F. Hörnlein, Berlin

Team: Sebastian Nordmeyer (PM), Bela Schwier, Laura Casado Albo, Leslie de Gasquet

Across the street from the main station, the Development Bank marks the transition from city to landscape. The building swings back and forth, thus focussing on the entrances and providing for a varied experience walking around it.

The central hall is lit via circular courtyards and offers views of the landscape at the points where the volume swings back. It is the heart of the building and its central communication space. From here, vertical circulation is achieved requiring only three access points. The closed ring provides maximum flexibility for the offices in the upper floors. The restaurant on the park level caters also to passers-by.

The Façade made of fiber-reinforced concrete and copper interprets materials characteristic for Potsdam in a new way.