Kita Kyritz Mitte

Restricted competition 2013, 3rd prize

Refurbishment and extension of a listed half-timbered house to be used as a daycare facility for 7 groups and a cafeteria

Client: City of Kyritz

Landscape architects: Man Made Land, Berlin

Team: Jacob Steinfelder, Simon Stahnke, Rémi Granet, Laura Casado Albo

The daycare center is housed in a historic half-timbered house, a listed monument which is carefully restored, and a new building placed next to it. Although it can clearly be recognized as a decidedly contemporary construction, the new extension refers to the adjacent buildings in terms of height, volume and materiality. Its flat roof corresponds to the late 19th century house on the opposing corner of the perimeter block.

The old building is used respecting its small-scale structure, while the group rooms are situated in the more flexible new wing where they can be opened towards the garden in a generous way.

The two houses for the youngest residents of Kyritz stand for a development of the city which is rooted in history, but addressing the future.