Miltenberg Elementary School

Renovation and expansion of a listed building ensemble from the 1950s

4 learning landscapes, auditorium, cafeteria, sports hall, workshops, administration, parents' café.
Reorganization of the school grounds and the surrounding street area

Restricted competition 2017
3rd rank / recognition

Client: City of Miltenberg
Landscape architects: Annabau, Berlin
Fire protection: Peter Stanek, Berlin
Model: Maquette Berlin

Collaborator: Tall Jagoda

The listed buildings, along with the filigrane walkways, are preserved, reused and supplemented by a compact extension building. The new edifice refers to the old buildings with its volumetry. It divides the school grounds into the school yard in the north and the sports park in the south. The new house is built into the slope. Since the size of the "learning landscapes" correlates with the sports hall, these functions can be stacked. The difference in height between the school yard and the sports park is solved by a split-level staircase that becomes an architectural motif.

The base of the extension building is made of reinforced concrete, the upper floors are constructed in timber. The flat pitched roof underlines the reference to the existing school buildings.