Saxon Hospital Altscherbitz, Psychiatric Ward

Restricted competition 2014
2nd prize (1of 2, 1st prize not awarded)

Conversion and extension of late 19th century Houses No. 19/20/21 into two psychiatric wards with patient rooms, treatment and public areas as well as a museum

Client: SIB Saxon Property and Construction Management, Leipzig
Fire Prevention Consultant: Peter Stanek, Berlin
Model: Rico Hecht, Berlin

Team: Rémi Granet, Matthias Hänsch, Laura Casado Albo, Simon Stahnke

A maximum of the required rooms are housed in the three listed buildings. Solely the patient rooms are concentrated in a new wing, which is precisely positioned between the existing houses. The new building references them and its other neighbors with regard to volumetry, materiality and the protruding roof. Nevertheless, it renounces their hierarchical organization and does not have a seperate entrance.

Access is organized via the historic entrances of houses 19 and 21. Building 20 houses the museum. Glass connectors provide barrier-free transitions between the buildings. Inside, a courtyard a designed as a water garden provides for natural light in the hallways.