Strausberg high school

New construction of a high school in Strausberg

Restricted competition: 2022, 1st prize
Object planning and realization: 2023-2027
Commissioned: HOAI §34 Lph 2-9
Awarding authority: Landkreis Märkisch-Oderland, Stadt Strausberg
Client: Landkreis Märkisch-Oderland, Liegenschafts- u. Bauverwaltungsamt

Tendering and site management: Sedeño Bauplanung, Berlin
Landscape Architecture: Henningsen Landscape Architecture, Berlin
Structural engineering (competition): Pirmin Jung, Remagen
Structural engineering (planning): AHW Ingenieure, Berlin
ELT planning: Dirk Ziesche Ingenieurbüro, Panketal
HLS planning: IB Scheibler, Berlin
Demolition planning: Dr. Spang, Potsdam
Building Physics: ISRW Klapdor, Berlin
Fire protection: brandschutz plus, Berlin
Visualization: Georg Hana, Berlin
Model: Maquette Berlin

Team: Giulia Cappello, Jasper Jochimsen, Sebastian Nordmeyer (PM realization), Maria Savignano, Bela Schwier, Simon Stahnke (PM competition)

Three partial structures of different heights approximate the scale of the school to the small-scale surroundings. The three-story, slightly recessed main building is flanked by two two-story structures, between which the generous forecourt of the school develops. The emphatic strengthening of the northern side of Wriezener Straße makes the elongated forecourt of the listed buildings on the south side present in the urban space.
Via the main entrance, one enters the central entrance hall of the high school, to which the two main staircases, the library and the refectory, which can be combined with the auditorium to form one large room and opens onto the schoolyard and garden, are attached.
The learning spaces, each organized as a cluster around a central, flexible forum area, develop around the courtyards. The result is a light, attractive and flexible new school for students and teachers.
The building is designed as a timber hybrid construction. From the ground floor upwards, the construction is made of wood or, in the case of the ceilings, of a wood-concrete composite structure.
The fiber-reinforced concrete facade, which is reddish in color as a reference to the listed buildings, is low-maintenance in conjunction with the wood-aluminum windows.