Vienna-Pfaffenau Garbage Incineration and Biogas Plant

Garbage Incineration and Biogas Plant Pfaffenau, Vienna

Open competition 2003, selected for 2nd project phase (no ranks)
Client: WKU – Wiener Kommunal Umweltschutzprojektges.m.b.H.

Structural Engineers: Eisenloffel+Sattler, Berlin
Technical consultants and cost planning: BauCon Ziviltechniker Ges.m.b.H., Zell am See (A)
Landscape Architects: Topotek 1, Berlin
Model: Monath + Menzel, Berlin

Team: Mattias Svensson, Tassilo Lochocki, Bela Schwier, Uli Götz

The site is located parallel to the Danube Canal between City Center and Airport. Like a garment made to measure, the outer shell envelops the highly complex technical installations and rooms, the position and dimension of which are predetermined.

The linear roof, made of bands of aluminum cladding, gives form to processes and flows of energy in an abstract way. The side walls are clad with a façade system based on trapezoidal sheet metal, which offers - according to demand - closed and perforated elements as well as ones which can be opened. A color pattern unifies the gable walls and underlines the reading of the plant as a landscape element on the Danube Canal.