Villa Boltzmannstraße

Conversion of the former director’s villa, Institute of Biology, Kaiser Wilhelm Society (Architect Ernst v. Ihne, 1913 ) into the Institute for Latin American Studies
Boltzmannstrasse 1, 14195 Berlin
Realization 2009-2010
Commissioned: HOAI § 33, LP 1-8

Client: Free University of Berlin, Technical Department

Landscape architect: Atelier Loidl, Berlin
Statics: EiSat GmbH, Berlin
Installations: ITV, Berlin
Fire safety: Peter Stanek, Berlin
Photos: Marcus Bredt, Berlin

Collaboration: Bela Schwier (PL), Myra Kamber, Christa Kleine

In the conversion, the facade was restored and the main entrance, which had been degraded to a toilet, was reactivated. In front of the House a new structure integrates an access ramp, stairs, light steles and a bench. It is developed formally from the base of the building and is made of sandblasted concrete. A small plaza invites you to linger. The inside of the building is accessed via a paneled entrance. Colorful cracelé tiles ennoble the staircase. The ground floor is equipped for disabled people.

In agreement with the historic preservation authorities the former winter garden, which had been severely altered, was not reconstructed, but received a new slate cladding with large windows. It is used as a meeting room.